Concerning the purchase of raw material in terms of steel ingots, OFAR relies mainly on the Group steel mills Nunki and Italfond, perfectly complementary to each other both for steel grades and ingot sizes. Having GIVA the full chain under the same umbrella, OFAR is capable of managing the upstream process. This extraordinary advantage ensures the continuous availability of raw materials, short-time purchasing, quality of the starting material, a shared know-how and a relentless research in metallurgy for the development of new solutions: GIVA mills acts as laboratories for the Group companies that can benefit of the specific experience and the metallurgical expertise adding value to the forging activities.


Nunki and Italfond offer a total production capacity of 200,000 tons per year with two different production lines for carbon and low alloy steels, with ingots up to 200 tons, to high alloyed, stainless and nickel alloys , achieving production up to 75 tons. Nunki production line is supported by one EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) up to 90 tons followed by two Ladle Furnaces and VD/VOD (Vacuum Degassing/Vacum Oxygen Decarburation) manufacturing bottom-pouring ingots up to 200 tons. Italfond relies on production line consisting of one EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) up to 25tons followed by one AOD (Argon Oxygen Decarburation Converter) up to 30 ton and ladle stirring for the production of bottom pouring ingots up to 25 tons. Both plants are equipped with annealing furnaces to provide as cast ingots ready for cold cutting.
Secondary remelting is also available by means of n°3 Vacuum Arc Remelting OD920 mm and 15 tons each and one Electro Slag Remelting plant with two stations able to produce ingots from 60 tons (OD1800mm) up to 250 tons (OD2600mm) representing one of the GIVA world first in plants. All melting and remelting facilities are all driven by last technology systems able to automatically collect the process data requested to continuously monitor the entire process granting the quality of the steel and also the safeguarding of the employees’ safety and the environment respect.