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Our three plants

Forges Cividale

Via dell’Artigianato 57 – 33043 – Cividale del Friuli (Udine) – IT

  • 1994: Forges establishment
  • Presses: 5.000 tons and 3.000 tons
  • Forgings: up to 40 tons
Ofar Visano

Via dell’industria 5 – 25010 – Visano ( Brescia ) – IT

  • 1961: Ofar establishment
  • Presses: 6000 tons and 2.500 tons
  • Forgings: up to 50 tons
Ofar Canneto HD

Strada Provinciale 4, n. 7 – 46013 – Canneto sull’Oglio (Mantova) – IT

  • 2011: opening Ofar HD
  • Press: 13.000 tons
  • Forgings: up to 150 tons.

Our production line

Delivering value to worldwide infrastructures

Mechanical Engineering

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Technology driven processes


Frozen process

Process control


OFAR R&D is fulfilled within the Giva Group dimension thanks to a dedicated Process Engineering Group (PEG) aimed to support the development of industrial processes by means of shared technological tools, database and know-how.
Sophisticated digital simulation tools drive the use of internal technological capability. This enhances the forecast capacities and decreases the discard rate and related cost.

The final master frame developed by our process engineers, associated to each and every product, is a frozen process. Such a concept allows repeatedly achievement of the requested and proven quality of the product. Our process engineers are 24hrs reliable for so designed master process. Continuous surveillance control and feedback make part of that responsibility. As a result, the final quality of the product is not negotiable.