About Us

A story full of successes

Ofar was established in 1961 and it is a leading supplier of forged components for a wide range of markets and industrial applications such as Oil&Gas, Mechanics, Steel, Shipbuilding, Petrochemical and Power Generation.
The company joined GIVA Group in 1985 and its remarkable growth led to the opening of an additional plant in 2011 dedicated mainly to the power generation market.

In 2019, OFAR broadened its capabilities thanks to the merger with Forges. This partnership gave birth to a worldwide leader in the open die forging industry that today boasts three cutting-edge production plants. Based in the North of Italy with 200.000 sq mt, it has an annual production capability of more than 100.000 tons.

OFAR produces forgings from 500 Kg to 150 tons. This exceptional wide range is made possible by 5 production lines and 5 presses of respectively 13.000, 6.000, 5.000, 3.000 and 2.500 tons. We built our success and worldwide customer’s trust on our strength and innovation that are characterized by traditional and drop-bottom furnaces, horizontal tanks up to 20 m, vertical furnaces up to 16 m and an innovative system of spray quenching. Ofar also holds two metal testing laboratories and it performs rough and finish machining up to 28 m.

Future is coming
Ofar establishment
Forges establishment
Certification Energy Management System plant of the Group
Acquisition by Giva
Expansion of the Forges plant
Inauguration of the Plant HD dedicated to the production of forged products up to 150 tons and dedicated to the power generation sector.
Merger with OFAR
Merger with FORGES