Stronger together

Ofar and Forges are merging into one company

Commencing May 1st, 2019 OFAR and FORGES will merge, becoming one major company: OFAR S.p.A.

The merging will create one of the main players in the forging industry worldwide. A company able to respond to all the challenges of an increasingly competitive market with technological excellences and consistent investments to develop fast, accurate, and innovative production processes.
The target of the merging is the continuous growth of the company. OFAR S.p.A. is going to keep together all of its workers and employees and all of its equipment by increased investments.

This will not be a mere integration, but the outcome of two reputable entities in the forging industry: the best balance of synergies which springs from the blend of know-how, technological power, quality, and reliability.
Over the years, the two companies have been moving the technical and technological frontiers forward becoming established worldwide with their reliability, reputation, capability, quality, innovation and great professionalism.

Thanks to the merging, OFAR will count on a team of 250 skilled professionals of proven experience and on a manufacturing outline hardly comparable: 3 production plants (Ofar Visano, Ofar Canneto and Forges Cividale ) for a total area of 200.000 sqm, with 80.000 sqm roofed, 5 production lines for an annual capability of over 100.000 tons, 14 manipulators, 46 heat treatment furnaces, 30 saw cutting machines, 32 machines for both rough and finish machining, 2 research and development centers of excellence, and 2 metallurgical laboratories.

OFAR S.p.A. will keep on supplying excellent forgings for Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Petrochemical, Mechanical and Naval industries.
OFAR and FORGES are becoming one great company: stronger together!